Hidden Gems by Nicole

Unique, Handmade, Unrepeatable Crystal Inspired Jewelry & Gifts


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  • About Me

    I am Nicole and I am the owner and maker of Hidden Gems. I was introduced to crystals by a good friend when I was going through a major hardship in my life. My kidneys had failed due to lupus and I was doing dialysis three times a week. It was hard to remain strong and easy to be discouraged. The more I learned the more peace I felt. I took that passion and started making bracelets for my techs and other dialysis patients. That then turned into me starting to sell them at dialysis. In those moments I was not yet ready to start a business as after 6 years on dialysis my body and health was declining. I was blessed in July of 2021 to receive a call that they had found a kidney for me. I took that opportunity and here I am now. The journey hasn’t been the easiest but one well worth living. I strive now to make my products affordable for everyone as we all deserve to be able to feel, heal, and utilize the power of crystals in every aspect of our lives.

“Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation” -Nikola Tesla