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Tigers Eye, Hematite, Matte Black Onyx Bracelet

Tigers Eye, Hematite, Matte Black Onyx Bracelet

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Gemstones- Golden Tigers Eye, Matte Black Onyx, Gunmetal Hematite

Length- 7 1/2 in

Materials- High Quality Elastic Stretchy Cord


Tigers Eye

Chakras- Root, Solar Plexus

Elements- Earth, Fire

Zodiacs- Capricorn, Leo

Carries the energies of a combination of Sun and Earth elements.  Enhances focus and willpower, giving one the courage to step out of their comfort zone and take action to achieve their goals.  Amplifies the energies of other crystals as well as one’s intentions, making it a powerful manifestation tool. Helps me feel self-empowered and reduces the need for approval from others.

 Black Onyx 

Chakras- Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye

Element- Earth

Zodiac- Leo

A powerful protection stone that works to absorb negative energy.  Heals past pain and resentment, and gives one the courage to start a new journey.  Acts as a gentle companion during times of emotional stress, grief, or trauma. Enhances self-discipline and encourages one to take action to achieve their goals.  Helps one make wise decisions and opens the mind to new opportunities.


Chakra- Root

Element- Earth

Zodiacs- Aries, Aquamarine

Shields against negativity and removes scattered energy from one’s auric field.  Enhances courage and boldness, and is said to very beneficial for women who are timid and afraid of speaking the truth.  Effective in calming an overactive mind, making it wonderful to use during meditation and healing sessions. 




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